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Need Ideas on how to customize my fz07

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Hey whats up all,
So i have had my bike for roughly a month and I am itching to change her looks around to make her that much more sexy. I have the 2016 Silver and Blue and was thinking of takin all the decals off and Plastidiping the Tank wither Flat Black or a Bright White(With glossifier) and then possibly theme decals.

Not sure soo much i can do without spending a butt load of money but i have no direction, (She dont even got a name yet man! :()
I ordered a set of oval bar end mirrors from Ebay.(I like the Ducati from Tron 2 so i wanted that look with the mirrors)

but please, post up some images and ideas would be super helpful.
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I'm not a fan of the pumpkin turn signals and changed mine out with TST Industries Flush front mounts. I also did TST Industries Fender eliminator with their stealth LED License kit and rear LED turn signals.
Plastidip is fun but you may want to check out vinyl wraps like 3m 1080 . My plastidip started to show wear pretty quickly on the sides of the tank, but was glad i started with that so I could test the look.

Another useful modification is a windscreen. Lots of different looks for those too.
Check out my Utube Vlogs, my channel name is "Amen Corner". My vid, "Yamaha FZ-07 Lookin Sweet" will show you my mods. You'll have fun fixing her up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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