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Need suggestions for FZ-07 tank/saddle bags

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Hi all!

Just got my FZ-07 and I'm thrilled to be riding :)

I plan on commuting almost everyday, so I'm just curious as to what experienced riders have found to be a successful process for them regarding luggage and such. I'm hoping more for a tank bag that will stay put (haha!), fit my locks, cover, registration/insurance, gloves, and other various necessities, and ultimately one that's easy to remove and take with me. I was looking at the Givi tank bags, but they seem almost too big?

Anyway, I look forward to getting some expert opinions on this -- thanks so much in advance!

Cover suggestions?
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I got the Yamaha tour tank bag (16 liters) a year ago (when I bought the bike) and I very like it so far. You can fit a helmet visor, long gloves, the included waterproof liner, your coat lining and whatever you need.

You can find it here: Yamaha Motor Canada :: Accessories & Apparel :: Accessories :: Model Search :: Luggage & Racks :: Luggage :: Tour Tank Bag

Or, you can find it there: SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Non-Electric QUICK-LOCK EVO Trial Tank Bag - TwistedThrottle.ca

They are the same.

So, yes it's big, especially when opening the extension (going to 22 liters). My only drawback with that tank bag is that I can't see the bottom of our controls panel without having to lean forward. When the extension is opened, I need lean forward to see the speedometer. It's not a big issue, but it's easy to speed up without noticing :)

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It's on the expensive side, but I think it's worth it!


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