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*New* 2018 MT-07 Oil "leak" seepage?

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Hello all, this is my first post. My bike appear's to be "weeping a very tiny amount of oil on the lower front right side (if your sitting on the bike) right above the oil pan "the main engine". The bolt in question has a #14 and a light oil residue will appear around this bolt and it's washer (not enough to drip) just enough to be noticed and gleam when a light is shined on it. I have just under 900 miles, and i first noticed this when doing a look over of the bike for leak's etc, when i first found the leak it was a bit worse and on the face of the bolt about to drip but now it is like seen in the photo's below "not as bad". There are two bolt's down there that are marked #14 both have done this (one bolt is not pictured it is isolated from the rest, both have what appear's to be washers as well "almost like a crush washer". Thinking of taking it to the dealer, for warranty for sure. Bike has
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it's first oil change (done by myself properly) Yamalube 10w40 yamaha oil filter fresh crush washer not overfilled. Has anyone heard of this or had a similar problem?
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