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by NickJ on Yamaha FZ-07 Forum

You now have a place to host your images on the site! This is free image hosting for all of your FZ07 related images and images that you would like to use on the site.

It is super easy to upload a photo to the gallery:

1. Follow this link to get there: http://www.fz07oc.com/gallery/
2. Click on "Create a New Album" in the top righthand corner.
3. Add all of the Album Titles, Tags, and other information that you would like to the album.
4. Then click "Upload Photos" to add all of the images that you would like to that album.
5. You can then add Title, Description, and Location if you would like.
6. Click "Save" and you are good to go! All of the Sharing Links are not just a click away!
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