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New From Houston, TX

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Yesterday I traded in my 2002 CBR1100xx for a 2015 FZ07 with 0.2 miles on it! I have a Graves fender eliminator ordered already.

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I got a couple more things ordered; Mivv exhaust, Yamaha cowl, and some bar ends.
do you miss the power of the CBR1100
Yes. That bike is a rocketship, it's very addicting.
I commute everyday on the bike so the FZ07 is much more appropriate for the style of riding I do. One day I will have a Monster 1200 and all will be well again. LOL.
Welcome and congrats on the new FZ. Gotta question for you......are you a member of the cbr1100xx.org forum? I'm "xrated" over there.....just curious?
I might be a member there, I don't remember. The main forum I got on was CBRXX.com
I'm 230lbs and I'm tired of bouncing around already so I ordered the Penske shock. Can't wait.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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