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New FZ-07 owner :)

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it's done, i switched my Fazer 8 for a 2015 grey FZ-07, i didn't try it but i have read so many good comments about this bike that i did the move with eyes closed. Going down from 4 cyl to a twin cyl. bike..... 105 HP to 75 HP but the bike is lighter of 76 pounds so it will compensate a little bit for the difference. Will get the bike this Friday. Can't wait to try it :)
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If you feel the same way I do about the FZ-07 after you ride it, you'll love it and wish it were available sooner.
Congrats! Welcome to the club bud. Hope to see your mods and updates soon. Happy ridin'
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new FZ........almost! Friday won't come soon enough!!!
thank you all, i will post pictures as soon as i can :)
Picked mine up just over a week ago as well. Blind purchase as there were none available to test but I heard so many good things and it met my requirements on paper. I was not disappointed. Pit a grin on my face the moment I cracked open the throttle on the freeway.
Had mine 6 days now. You will love it. Mine is a pearl white
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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