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Hello everyone!

Today I got delivered my 2015 FZ07, got at at the dealership at the great price of CAD $6400 plus taxes and fees.

My first bike was an old crappy Ninja 500R that I found on Kijiji for a few hundred bucks last year. On this bike I got my class 6 license and gained enough confidence on the road to step up to my first serious bike.

Which turned out to be my beloved FZ07. I really loved this bike since it first came out. I just did not want to get a brand new bike, just to get it dropped or damaged in any way. Fortunately I survived my first season without any incidents, and felt ready to upgrade to a bike I actually liked.

It just got delivered today, and took it for a quick spin around the block. Weather was not bad at all today, its just too unsafe to ride because of the damn gravel. I put it in my garage till the street get swept in the spring.

I am looking forward to get a Puig sport windscreen and frame sliders, as first mods to my bike.

Im happy to find this online community of FZ 07 owners!

Cheers from Calgary


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