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New owner of a Yamaha fz-07

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Hi everyone,

I purchased a 2015 Yamaha FZ-07 a week ago and I am loving every mile of it!
I am a 5"3, 120 lbs woman and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for mods and such. I am thinking of getting handlebar mirrors, fender eliminator kit, integrated sequential led lights, and eventually a new exhaust as this one is a little too quiet. Any advice is appreciated!
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new FZ07. My wife has one also, but it's pretty much stock with the exception of a Puig windscreen. I've got an FZ09 with the motodynamics integrated tail/brake/ turn signals and I like that one. One bit of advice.....if you go with an integrated light on the rear, go ahead and but the electronic turn signal flasher and take the resistors out of the circuit, it makes life much easier than trying to deal with locating a place to put the resistors. As far as exhaust goes, it's hard to beat the Akro....both from a quality and a sound standpoint.
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