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Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

We're excited to announce that we've recently finished development of our Penske 8900E shock. We've made some changes to body for better fitment, relocated the preload adjustment, revalved the base shim stacks, and revised our spring rate curves. Translation? It works better than ever and is unique to Stoltec Moto!

  • Single damping adjustable – one knob controls both low-speed compression and rebound (stiffening one stiffens the other).
  • Spring preload adjustment
  • Ride height adjustment
  • Torrington thrust bearing to limit spring binding under compression and ease preload adjustment
  • Upgradeable to remote reservoir 8983 or 8987.
  • Custom sprung and valved per rider weight and riding style
  • Fully rebuildable
  • 100% designed and manufactured in USA
Each Penske shock is custom built for the customer and application. Typical build times run in the <4 week window. Please plan accordingly!

Now through 6/18/16, we're going to be offering members a 10% off sale price to kick this product off. Of course, email or PM us for details on the coupon code and your spring rate needs.

Website link for more information or to purchase: 15+ FZ-07 Penske 8900E Single Adjustable | StoltecMoto

Ride safe!
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