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new stock bike flash completed

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I wrapped up the full throttle settings today on the new woolich flash for the stock bike. Only changes between the below dyno runs are removing the intake snorkel from the top of the air box and my flash. Nice improvements in area under the curve even if the peak number isn't showing much.

Ive been trying for several weeks to become a forum sponsor but it took longer than expected so unfortunately my 2 week vacation starts next weekend .

I have created a coupon code for the forum. Just enter fz07forum into the coupon field on check out for $25 off the fz07 flash. I will leave the coupon code active till after im back from vacation on June 26th. Please if you order the flash don't send your ecu in till im back. I would hate for your ECU to sit here while I am away.

I am also getting my full graves exhaust tomorrow and will start tuning on that before I leave. I already have a hord air box and will be developing a tune with and without that. I will even put the stock pipe back on to see what I can achieve with that and the hord once the graves hord flash is done.

2015-2019 FZ/MT 07/ XSR 700 ecu flash

any questions please let me know

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