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new suspension from Wilbers for my FZ-07

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Last weekends big project was to get my new Wilbers 640 rear shock (including rebound) and also the Wilbers progressive fork springs (including new fork oil) installed.

This afternoon I had time to test the new suspension on the freeway and some curvy country roads.

The first few miles on the new suspension on city roads didn't feel very different, maybe a bit softer over some pot holes, but overall no real difference. This changed dramatically once I went on the freeway, at 70 miles per hour the bike felt smooth and very much attached to the road, much more than with the stock suspension. In the past I felt the bike bounce back, doesn't happen now any more.

It felt even better once I took it into the curves. The bike was well attached to the road and the suspension ate any road bumps. I felt much more one with the bike than ever before. In the past the front forks felt often too soft, this is gone.

Additionally I got the bike lowered by 20 mm, you can do this with the Wilbers shocks and forks. I've added a Corbin seat to the bike a while ago and due to the fact that the seat is a bit wider and higher than the stock I decided to lower the bike by 20 mm (0.78 inches).

The following parts got installed:
a) Wilbers 640 rear shock FZ07 black-line; part #: 640-1141-02
b) Wilbers Fork Spring YAM FZ07; part # 500-0486-00
c) Fork Fluid 10W

The order and installation got done by Beemershop in Scotts Valley, CA, www.wilbersamerica.com . They are a Wilbers distributor and also do a lot of suspension work. Since I live only 30 min away, I decided not only to buy the suspension there, but also have them installed. They've done an excellent job for me and were very supportive on the phone when I initially talked to them.
Fair warning: The suspensions are made in Germany and are ordered specific for you, so it took about 3-4 weeks until they were in the shop.

Overall I'm very happy with this latest upgrade for my FZ-07.

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what does something like that cost?
Nick - the Wibers 640 rear shock was $619 and the progressive fork springs $139 + $13.95 for the fork oil. Any good shop / mechanic should be able to do the installs, the shop where I did the work quoted me 2 hours for the back and 2 hours for the front. I also had to do a $300 down payment at the time of order.
too me i rather spend money on suspension then a loud exhaust that does nothing.
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Hi FZ-07 riders I was wondering if an r6 rear suspension would fit my 2015 FZ-07? By the way snoopy the rear suspension looks incredible too rich for my blood but the front is doable.
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