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Hey everyone. My names Pat and I'm from central (upstate) NY. I recently purchased a new 2016 07. The bike is stellar. I plan on keeping it a long time so I figured this would be a great place to learn about it and get advice about certain projects. I've had the bike for a couple weeks now (220 miles on the odo) I purchased a couple accessories: OEM Front Cowl, and (of course) a fender eliminator kit. I ordered both items from a local, smaller dealer. They gave me a decent price on the parts but the eliminator kit seems a little cheapo. It does look, but the seat and rear plastics aren't sitting flush. I'll upload a picture soon and show what I'm talking about. Other than that, I'm still (obviously) breaking in the new bike and can't be more satisfied with the purchase. I rode a '15 09 and thought it was too much of a beast and decided against it. It was a little more money, but I figured the 07 is plenty of bike and upgrades will eventually come into play to get more power and consolidate the bike.
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