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Over the years I have found the best way to research a motorcycle I am contemplating buying is to join the largest forum representing that model.
I've been riding for many years and have owned a variety different motorcycles. Having recently moved from the Northwest (WA State) to Southern California (San Diego area) I find that my riding habits and thus my motorcycle needs have changed. Currently I'm riding an 02' Honda CBR 1100xx. Awesome motorcycle, however I'm finding myself running more short bursts rather than crunching miles. In the end I'm thinking of moving to a platform that is lighter, friendlier in traffic but still fun to ride. So here I am. I'm giving the FZ 7 serious consideration because it appears that with some fairly minor modification it will suit my needs. I've read nothing but great reviews but now I'd like to know what the owners think. Likes,dislikes, strong points, weak, maintainance,upgrades etc.
So there you go. I'll be poking around the forum gathering information.
Ride Safe,

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Hey Phatts,

Ive had my 07 since March. I am in love with it! Strong points IMHO are its light weight and short wheel base , that makes it super nimble and agile.

The riding position is optimal, although the bike looks aggressive at stance, you will seat very upright and will feel no pressure in back and wrists. Seating height guarantees you will touch ground flat-footed.

Engine pulls endlessly, no matter any gear youre at, it will pull without rattling.

Looks is awesome, a head turner!

amazing prize tag. I dont think you can find another bike in its category , that delivers so much for so little money.

Super quiet exhaust, for me its an advantage, for some other this might be not so cool.


front suspension is a bit soft and bounces more than I would desire.
seat is nice but after an hour of riding the butt starts to feel numb, not very good for longer rides.
Fuel capacity is quite limited (14liters) i dont know how much is that in gallons. Range on a full tank is some 200 km (140 miles).

You cant go wrong with it. I cant say anything on mods, because my bike is full stock. I am planning to install frame and engine sliders soon though.

Hope you can make up you mind and join the brotherhood soon! cheers from Calgary-CAN.
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