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Night fluo ABS 2o16

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Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. I bought the MT 07 and iteresuje me almost everything, as the engine and the driving
P.S. I have 57 years, and a lot of kilometers on the CBR 125R. MT 07 is something new for me. I crossed 4500 to 07 MT and a lot more learned, but I could use any advice from experience owner MT
Hello and thanks


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Congratulations on your new MT 07, those colors are awesome, enjoy and ride safe!
Congratulations on your new MT 07, those colors are awesome, enjoy and ride safe!
Thanks, but I crossed 5500km. Motor doing great. It's a little rainy weather, but it will be nicer. What you your experience, how long do you have 07 mt
Pojdrav Zoran, Jagodina (Serbia)
I bought March 2016, so I had it for only 3 months. I dont ride a lot on weekdays because of long days of work. On weekends only if we have good weather. I live in Canada , where the weather conditions change constantly. I put only 1800km on it, but in 2 weeks I am going on a 2000km road trip with my gang, on a 4-day journey through the Rocky Mountains between Alberta and British Columbia.

I think the bike is up to the challenge and its going to perform really well. I will post some pictures when I come back!

Cheers from Calgary-Canada!
Have a good trip, I'm sure MT07, and will not disappoint.
When our season has only just begun.Summer weather lasts until the end of October will be a lot of driving.
Greeting sand good luck on the road
Zoran, Jagodina
P.S.Sorry,my English is very poor (and for Google Translate I'm not sure) ,but I hope that you understand me.
How to improve driving style
I'll be grateful for comments and suggestions about my driving style. I'm the smallest one a snapshot, black MT 07
It is about body position
Thanks in advance
P.S. excuse my english is very modest

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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