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Official FZ07 Riding Boots Thread

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What do you keep on your tootsies when you are blazing down the road on the FZ07? Do you have dedicated riding boots, or are you just rocking some Vans?

I think I might pick up a set of these bad boys:

The Icon Elsinore Boot from their Icon 1000 lineup.
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I've got 4 pairs of SIDI boots. Two pairs of the Vertigo Corsa (one vented, one not), a pair of the ST's, and a much older pair of the B2's.
Yep, I have a pair of Vertigo's, and a pair of the predecessor of the B2. I also have a pair of Sidi ankle high street boots...forget the name, for less serious rides and work days. Tech 8's off-road, when I get to.
i am using Elsinores with my MT-07 and they are perfect.
Very stiff at first and it was unusually hard to find the gear change but in 300 km it was all good!
Holy cow, those Elsinores are sick! I'm definitely looking to find a good brown leather riding boot. Any other suggestions?

- Alex
just got these boots for $50.00 shipped from sears I think they will work out great for the money. leather, steel toe, not a high heel boot and it looks like ankle pads.
I was told these make awesome motorcycle boots, feel & look great to boot (hehe). Anyone have experience?

Wow got that price they better be :) I used timberland work boots for a couple years. They were great and I actually wore them out.
well i got my shoes very comfy and yes there are ankle pads on them, for $50 shipped i think there a great buy.
yesterday bought those:

Those XZeros are all about comfy and chill, absolute must for 30 degree C what we have this summer here, at muddy times i think i will stick with elsinores though. XZeros are possible to wear in the office all day they claim: testing it right now.
I love the Icon Elsinore! Those are some bad boots black or brown. They remind me of MadMax.

I tried a pair of Icon Reign, but ended up taking them back due to extreme stiffness, and inability to find the shifter.
I then went with a pair of Sedici:
http://www.cyclegear.com/CycleGear/Women%27s/Boots/Street/Perforated/brand/SEDICI/Women%27s-Misano-Motorcycle-Boots/p/29653 .

Footwear Boot Shoe Personal protective equipment Ski boot

The only difference in mine are they are solid black. These are indeed womens boots, but the mens are quite similar. Here's a link for the mens: http://www.cyclegear.com/CycleGear/Street/Boots/Race/brand/SEDICI/Ultimo-Motorcycle-Boots/p/43807

I've used them now for 3,000+ miles, and I love them. They breathe well, they keep me protected, they are well priced, and they are uber comfortable. I always wear all my gear; I just can't take that kind of chance. Also, I look good in it, and I paid an arm and a leg for it. ;)
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Footwear Boot Shoe Black Work boots

I got these budget boots. As most of the reviews say they size a little small, but I've been comfortable with them going +1. A lot better than my old steel toed combat boots I tried at first. I'm happy with these for now.

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I picked these up last week. Alpinestars S-MX 1. I only have about 100 miles on them so far, but they are really comfortable so far.

Shoe Footwear Black Boot Product
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I ride out in all Dianese gear. I rock these Dianese TR Course Out Boots.

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^Very Nice!^ Do you feel like a moon man when you are off of the bike in those? They look like they could transition to the real world pretty easily.
Not sure about moon man, but i do feel like power ranger walking around in full gear haha!

Those Icon boots you're looking at look like tanker boots. You'll be straight up Brad Pitt Fury lolll. Pretty sick!
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