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Oil overfill? (update)

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I checked the oil level on my bike yesterday with about 320 miles,and noticed glass was completely full.Is that bad?
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Did you stand it upright (ie not on kickstand)? I didn't know to do that until I asked, so that's why I'm checking.
Hmm... I'm not sure then. Like I've mentioned this is my first bike, so I don't know all that much. The only other suggestion I could make would be to check it when it's cold. Like sitting overnight, first thing in the morning cold. Another thing would be to check your coolant level. Worst case scenario you could have a blown seal/gasket and be seeing the result of fluid bleed over. I've seen that happen with car engines(which I do know a lot about). Other than that I hope someone else here can give you some better advice.
Apparently several people have had this same problem. I drained about a half cup out of mine having noticed there was too much when I took delivery. The oil level should be below the upper line in the sight glass when the bike is upright as has been said. You can damage seals if the oil level is too high. Way too much oil causes power loss and engine damage. I doubt that has happened, but you should drain the extra out. Easiest way is to unscrew the drain plug almost all the way but hold it in place and let some drain out. Then screw the plug back in and check it. Keep doing this until the level is between the two lines of the sight glass. Then torque the drain plug back to specs. If there is only a half cup too much oil, no problem.

It is not going to make much difference in the oil level if you check it 2 minutes after riding the bike or let it set all night and the oil is cold. If the oil level is too high it will be too high in both instances. If it is too low, it will also be too low in both instances. The only time oil level changes significantly is when you drain the oil, change the filter, then add new oil. Now if the oil looks right, you start up the bike and run it a couple of seconds until the oil light goes off, turn the bike off and NOW the oil level is too low. This is only because there was an empty space in the new filter and possibly elsewhere in the system until the restart primes the oil pump and fills in the gaps. So now you have to add some more oil to get the level right.

There might be some bikes where you need to check the oil level when it is cold, but I haven't yet had one where it makes any difference. Warm oil drains back into the crankcase pretty fast. On bikes with dipsticks, it is much easier to read the level when the oil is cold and the bike sat overnight cause there isn't oil on the sides of the dipstick to give you false readings. I have a feeling these instructions on checking oil levels are left over from bikes of yore, perhaps as the instructions on breaking-in the bike. Confirm it yourself though. Stop the bike, wait 2 minutes and check the oil level. Now check the oil level the next day cold. Any difference? Not noticeably with my bike.
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Nope, just guessing/offering suggestions. As I mentioned, this is my first bike. Thanks for the info.
From factory they usually dont over filled and when u do it yourself just make.sure you use a measuring cup then u should be fine. If you still the factory oil and if you are around the 200 miles just drain it and change it
Went to the dealer today got 1 gallon 10w40 yamaha lube , filter and 2 washers for 37.00.When I got home I decided to double check level (my eight year old told me it was above top line since it's hard for one person to hold bike and check level) so I held bike and had him take picture one on cold engine and one on warm engine you can see there's a difference cold little below and warm in between .I decided to wait for the 600 miles oil still looks clear .


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Yes, it does look like the level is different, provided the bike was in the same position both times. Both would be in specs for oil level. My oil level doesn't change noticeably either hot or cold. It might depend in part also on how hot the oil is. Hot oil expands and that will make the level look higher, but not quite all the oil has drained back into the crankcase. That scenario is a wash, so your reading is probably right on. If you start the bike, then shut it off and check the oil, that oil is still cold so hasn't expanded and there is still some that hasn't drained back so that reading would give you a false low reading. It takes almost 20 min. of riding to get the oil temp up. The engine and coolant temp is high after just 10 minutes, but not the oil. If you ride 10 min. and change the oil, the oil is only warm, not hot. Personally, I like to ride 20 min or longer pretty hard, then change the oil which is hot, but I don't know if it makes much difference. Easier to burn yourself that way though.
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My level is right at the top of the glass going to adjust that today so guess it happens every now and again.
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