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Anybody out there ever see oil spray on the end of your exhaust? The dealer over filled the oil. I rode it 182 miles then went ahead and changed it myself and got the oil level down. You really have to go easy adding oil, let it sit a while after running it a bit then check it again. Just curious if my bike is somehow "Abby-Normal" if you get my drift?


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I too have this spray on my exhaust. The oil level window is completely full, I don't see a line at all. Does this mean my bike is over filled?
Well Shane, I changed my oil and have gone quite a few miles with it at the proper level and mine still puts oil droplets on the exhaust tip. Well, since yours is doing this then maybe it's nothing to worry about. Hopefully it's not a major defect but mine doesn't seem to be burning oil. I need to clean out the air filter plug like the manual says and see what's in there. It's a plug hanging down on the left side of the bike if I remember right.

But yes, there should be an upper and lower mark by the oil level window. The oil level should be kept in between those lines. I've had other bikes that were a bit over filled and never saw this kind of spray on the exhaust tips.
Oh, something just came to mind. I remember reading in the manual that the air filter on this bike is the type that is "oiled". I wonder if that could have something to do with it? I don't know why Yamaha had to put that type filter in a modern bike? Why not use the traditional HEPA paper filters? Saved a couple dollars?
Hmm, well I will have to take a look. But I'm glad that's it not life threatening to the bike! haha and as for oiled air filters, I believe that oiled filters help trap more dirt and hold up longer, but I could be wrong! Thanks Goblin
Are you sure that it is "OIL" on the exhaust tip? The reason that I'm asking that is because a lot of bikes will discolor that area of the exhaust pipe/muffler and it isn't oil. The moisture in the intake air that doesn't get vaporized gets "dirty" and it ends up on the end of the muffler/exhaust opening. If it's oil, you should be able to put your finger on it and it will feel.......oily! Dried water/moisture....not so much!
I'll check that out doublethreat. Appreciate the tip. It definitely wipes off but not sure if it feels oily. I just road the bike so I'll give it a while to cool off first.
Ok, I used my finger to wipe the exhaust and it comes out black on my finger. Not enough of it to feel oily but I'm beginning to think you may be on to something doublethreat. It seems more sooty than oily. Maybe it's nothing.
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I have it too and its a lot but maybe is because how the exhaust is sitting most exhaust shoot air down and out. Our exhaust shoot up so i think that's why all the crap and stuff remain there because is set like a cup everything just go back down to that area.
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Well, whether good or bad, sounds like this is normal for a FZ-07. It's probably nothing to worry about.
I'm going with normal...my FZ09 has it too
Mine came over-filled too and I had some oil on my exhaust too. BTW, if you wait until the bike is cool, it comes off easily, and I still get a little oil on the exhaust...but not as much. I think we better check our air filters.
That's true AJ. It looks more like some kind of soot to me. Not for sure it's oil. Yes, changing the oil in this bike it's good to go by the volume as stated in the manual, 2.75 quarts for oil and filter and 2.5 quarts for just oil and no filter change if I remember right. Start the bike, let it run a bit, shut it off and wait fifteen or so minutes and check it before adding more. If you just add till you see it in the window all at once it will end up over filled like they do at the dealers.
Are you guys checking your oil with it on the kick stand or with it level on a lift? I couldn't see the line on mine either until I had someone hold it up right. Which way is the right way? On the kick stand or straight up and down?
You are supposed to hold the bike upright to check the oil. That's one negative on this bike is that there is not only no center stand but they put the oil level window in a position you have to be down really low to see it......all the while trying to balance the bike upright. It's a nit pick though. I love this bike!
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Definitely straight up and down. With practice (have someone standing by just in case), you can learn to get into a position to check the sight glass while balancing the bike. My method involves getting down on my hands and knees with the bike on the sidestand. Slowly stand the bike up and make sure you LEAVE THE SIDESTAND DOWN. Once it's balanced, give it a look and see where the oil level is at. If it feels like it is starting to lean away from you, pull it towards you....the sidestand is down and it can't fall over.
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That's good to know. I think I might just use an inspection mirror while I'm sitting on.
Just got mine yesterday, same thing. It looks like water, just like a car.
I had my bike in for the 600 miles maintenance this weekend with actually 780 on odo,did change oil and filter myself at 600 which save me few dollars.I was there for 2 hours they go over every nuts and bolt,lube and adjusting every moving part cost me 170 that's 80 dollars an hour plus taxes,I know it sounds little high but I always get first service done by my dealer they do a good job never had a problem and keeps me in warranty in case something goes wrong .I did ask about oil splattering on muffler and was told like doublethreat said it's moisture build up inside canister that's all.
It's NOT oil.

+2 with what DT said. Nothing to worry about :)
Though I would wipe clean after riding, that'll leave a stain...
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