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Thank you to all the members for all the posts and pics! I finally pulled the trigger and got my first bike, 2015 FZ-07 (originally red). I absolutely love the bike and was on the fence between starting on a Ninja 250 or a Honda CB500F. I clearly over analyzed and did way too much research when trying to figure out my first bike. This was considered a pretty big purchase and I was long overdue for a new toy. I really liked the CB500F and in doing some research I started to read some of the naked bike shootout comparisons. Every article I read the FZ-07 came out on top and given everyone essentially said "this is the best bang for your buck". It seemed like a no brainer.

I had some serious hesitations as it seems like everyone was saying to learn your basics on a Ninja 250 and get a bigger bike next. I wasn't opposed to a Ninja 250 and the thought of the CB500F I was worried it was going to be too much bike to start on (feel free to laugh).

The more I read about the CB500F most forums and articles kept mentioning the FZ-07 as the clear winner.

My first thought was how the hell am I going to handle a damn near 700cc?!?!

Believe it or not, my girlfriend was the one who was actually pushing me towards the FZ-07. I know I'm a lucky guy and she earned herself some serious points and solidified that I need to wife her up ASAP. She had a good point that yes it might be a lot of bike to start on but it's something that I'll be able to grow into and keep the bike way longer. Plus if I'm in a position to make it work now there isn't always the guarantee I'll be able to afford an upgrade when I get tired of a smaller bike. (she's smart and good looking).

I was just about sold until I walked into one of our local Yamaha dealers and laid eyes on the FZ-07 for the first time. Super cheeseball but it was love at first sight. I liked the CB500F but damn the FZ-07 in person was a whole different story. Everything felt better from the controls to the seat, hell I even made her climb on the back at the dealership to make sure we were comfortable. I was sold.

To make a super long lame story short. I found a 2015 used with 900 miles on it about 3 hours from my house and rented a uhaul trailer and had my bike about a week later.

I've had the bike about a month and a half and I could not be happier, and a little broke. Since I got the bike I knew from the beginning the red had to go. I love the blacked out 2016 and that was the plan.

I ended up going a little different and cheaper route with some DIY Plasti Dip Camo Green. Originally I priced out getting the factory black tank plastics but the dealer wanted $200 for all components. I figured $20 bucks of Plasti Dip and a weekend project, what's the worst that could happen.

The Plasti Dip turned out great and I actually get a lot of compliments. Friends that saw the original red and then see the green say Yamaha should have made it a factory color.

So far besides all the riding gear, the only mods I've done are the Plasti Dip, Battery Tender Kit. Puig Touring Wind Screen (Dark Smoke), Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Kit (pics to come), Ram Mount Universal Cell Phone Holder Kit.

Up next I'm thinking maybe a Corbin Seat with the Sissy Bar and maybe some aftermarket adjustable levers.

I've put about 500 miles on her so far and I'm hooked. Plus it's been coldAF here in VA Beach lately so I can't say it's been the best riding conditions. I figure if I'm having this much fun freezing my @$$ off I can't wait till it warms up and really enjoy some riding.

Thanks for checking out my post and sorry to bore you with my story. Ride safe y'all and pray for some warm weather.

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Plasti dip is awesome stuff, my project is next weekend in Sapphire blue pearl but cameo green looks awesome as well.
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