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Radiator Protector

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My radiator is not perfect...some of the fins are bent...WHAAAAAAHHH!

I just found this: Evotech Performance Radiator Guard for 2014-2015 Yamaha FZ-07 / MT-07 [bun001496] | Motostarz Canada | Motostarz.ca

but $100 for a piece of holey metal just doesn't compute. I think I have a large piece of holey metal around somewhere! I guess my grinder could cut it down to size. Paint it black, drill some bigger holes for mounting, it just might work. Then again, I have no idea what that large piece of metal is really for...what if I discover it's true purpose and end up needing it some day?

ebay also has some for various prices...

radiator guard fz 07 fz07 mt07 mt | eBay

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i agree the prices for rad guard should be $30 tops. im thinking of making my owe someday.
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I just found these DIY instructions:

I'm leaving for work. Someone watch it and tell me what you think.
I just ordered one of these on ebay. They look remarkably like the one sold under the R&G label for twice as much. Could be the exact same item.
I'll report back when it comes in. There are a few different ebay sellers offering this item for the same approx. amount.
Black Aluminum Radiator Guard Grill fit for YAMAHA MT07 2013-2015 14 New

Compare item pic with the pic in this auction for the R&G radiator protector.
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