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Rear brake light issues after installing tail tidy

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Installed a fender eliminator kit with led's for license plate and led turn signals in back. Everything worked flawlessly, but noticed that the brake lights did not light up when applying rear brakes. Front brakes work the light fine just the rear doesn't work. I tried looking up wiring for brakes but was unsuccessful. Is it possible I messed up the wiring installing the tail tidy/turn signals? I don't know that the rear brake lit up before I did the work, so was wondering if fiddling with the rear signals and license plate light can mess up the rear brake? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Very happy to share with everyone that the tail tidy had nothing to do with the rear brake light issue! Turns out that behind the rear set the spring/connection for the brake light switch was loosened; tightening the spring by shortening the plastic bolt did the trick! I read something about this on another post last night researching the issue (and realized I may have caused this when I installed the Yoshi exhaust couple months ago and just never noticed the rear brake light going bad). Either way, it is up and running!
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