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Rear Shock Upgrade?

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I checked with Ohlins and they say they don't make a rear shock for the 07 nor have any upgrade parts or springs. I weigh 190 lbs and have the rear preload cranked up to nearly max. The spring is still too soft for very aggressive cornering. I can still do a quick pace but have to be careful to look for any dips in corners. If anyone hears of a rear shock upgrade for the 07 then please let us know. Thanks.
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Ohlins does make a shock for the bike.
The Ohlins part number is:
YA 419
Also, remember that when looking at European websites or catalogues, the European countries call the FZ-07 the MT-07 (same bike, different name).

There are other companies making a shock for the FZ-07, too, like Penske.
Thanks for the info YZEtc. I conversed with Ohlins via email and the guy told me they had nothing for the bike but sounds like he was mistaken. I may check with Penske too. Thanks!
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