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rear stand off pillion pegs?

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I haven't gotten an FZ-07 yet. still trying to decide between 09 and 07...

One thing I noticed there are no spool mounts on the rear or front on the 07.. Has anyone seen or have or used a rear stand that works off the pillion pegs or the pillion mounts? Pretty sure the actual pegs flip up so trying to left with the actual peg wouldn't work but maybe using the bracket that the peg mounts too?

I saw the bull dog stand that lifts with a flat space off the swing arm but this seems kinda iffy to me maybe it would slide off or something.

I also found the chain tensioners with the spool mounts on them but they are $200 which seems really high for a rear stand, especially one that you have to leave at home... Plus lifting with the chain tensioner might not be a good idea in the long run.
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My wife has the FZ07 and you are correct, no place for spools on the swing arm. Don't worry too much about it though....get yourself a Pit Bull rear stand and you can use it for either type....bikes with spools or flip the lifting piece over and use the rubber coated end for lifting under the swing arm. It works very well and absolutely no issues.
I've used the pit bull stand on my FZ-07 several times now, including when I tightened my chain and had to break torque/ re-torgue the rear wheel. It never waivered. The thing I like about it is, as DT mentioned, it's universal. So as you change bikes and set ups throughout the years you don't have to change stands. I'll be ordering my own once my friend gets tired of me using his, lol.
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