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I think this bike might be what I want, here is a little about me:

-bought a second hand lightly used FZ600 in 1990 with 900kms for first bike I ever had it was fun
-i liked that first bike so much i bought a second one and sold it years later
-moved on to the wonderful suzuki intruder 750 v-twin which i flogged like the 'ol FZ for ten years
-now I am in a predicament.. I can handle the FZ09, however, I don't think its the right machine
-I am not a hooligan, however, from time to time I might wander to that land

So back to my point, I think for me, 165lbs typically without baggage, that this bike is great choice, so I am joining this forum as an experienced rider who has been on 1100 inline 4's but then honestly the ktm 350exc-f sumo might be more what I should buy, but then a weird thought happened.. why not buy 2 bikes, one for the street, one for the dirt and then there is no compromise.

So hey, I was wondering if anyone identifies with what I'm saying here. I live rural so there is dirt bike and snow machine trails and fire roads, and logging roads and whatnot.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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