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Hey boys and girls.

Up until recently I was the owner of an Aprilia RS125 2 stroke, and absolutely loved it. Until somebody decided to use it as a parking space and ran over the top of it in a car park and wrote it off. But now, I have my deposit on a brand new MT-07 that should be arriving in about a week.

Very likely to be different to where you guys might be from, but down here we have restrictions to what bikes we can ride if we are new riders. For the first year after you get your full licence (legislation recently changed it to three, but it won't affect me) you cannot ride anything above 660cc, and anything between 250cc and 660cc must have a power/weight of less than 150 kW/1000 kg (I think it assumes an 80 kg rider, too). Personally I think it is a good idea, as 1000cc etc bikes can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

I'm on my restrictions until April. Thankfully, Yamaha decided to adjust their MT-07 for the Australian market to make it compatible with these learner restrictions. Capacity is down to 655cc, and a modified throttle body (as well as different engine mapping, I'd assume) brings the peak power to roughtly 35 kW @ 8000 rpm, and torque lives at 57.5 Nm @ 4000 rpm.

Can't wait to get the bike and show it off!
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