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Hey, all I am a new MT 07 rider since buying mine in February but I've put a coll 12k on her since purchase and have been riding all my life. Honda 79 cb360? I believe was bike one, then knight hawk in the 80's Katuna 750 gsxr 750 (just about killed me, Yamaha yzf650 loved and learn the most on this bike R6 rode the R1 often and not the Fz Mt world, which for me has been the most fun.
I have done very little to my Cyan blue mt 07 2019 I have 20 k on it and I'm running Michilian anakees on it and love these dual sport...ish tires no noise or problems on the freeway and fun as help on Tijuana cobblestone streets.
Just took my first dump yesterday, hairpin turn coming out of Julian towards 8 freeway luckily I saved it and just 4x4'd into the side rt and planted her into a muddy bank. a little adjustment of my handlebar height and a wash and everything seems fine. I'm installing after-market-led blinkers and got the rears on. afraid to screw with the fronts being that they are running also and my new lights are all two wires. how is everyone and any rides coming up?
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