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Good Day!:cool:

A message to all motorcycle riders:

This forum should be a space for learning, sharing, building each other up and encouragements. The knowledge was not born with you, instead, it was acquired through either observation, mimicking, teaching from someone, a helping hand or experiencing yourself.
Using this forum to poke fun, mock or undermine one's intelligence will simply show your extended ignorance. People whom do that, usually portray self - insecurities obscured within them. Not to mention, lack of the character one would can be proud of.
I hope you can make a choice to help a new fellow rider by sharing knowledge, building confidence and even be open to learn something new; instead of otherwise.
Aspire to inspire!
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There are so many things wrong here that I don't know where the fuck to start.
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Well, how about start with your egotistical manner that lacks respect, etiquette and consideration?
yeah well, I do get his point. FZ 07 = 700cc .--- 07....700 get the idea? and with the year 2012 and up...well you are lucky there! ;)
Yes! I get it all! I get the both of you didn't born already knowing all there is about motorcycles!
It started somewhere and I would have appreciated if the approach was to teach and not criticize! For that, any fool can do!
And I did my research after my post and learned about it. Just forgot to get rid of my post as I already find a motorcycle that I love!
That's good to hear.
Maybe do a little research first before just being lazy and ask extremely general questions. Once you have done some research and have valid questions
EVERYBODY on here is gonna be happy to help you. For the rest there is GOOGLE.
Now enjoy your bike and have a great time !
Of course you wanted to have the last word, regardless.
Very typical! And for your knowledge, no questions was asked. Simply a beginner's post. Anyways... born A$&ll$, die A$&ll$$!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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