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Seating Position

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I have ridden many many bikes over about 40 years. Without question, the FZ-07 is the most uncomfortable. Basically the riding position is all wrong for a six footer weighing 150 and a 32 in inseam. The problem is mainly the seat. I am about to roll my sleeves up and make a new seat pan to give my immaculately proportioned rear end some lateral support, then change the bars. Like the bike, hate the comfort.

Any ideas out there? I could do with some opinions
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I swapped bars for a drag bar. But with the stock rear sets I still find the ergonomics to be odd. I don't know how aggressive you are looking to make the ride position but adjustable rear sets and different bars will probably do more to help the rear than the seat swap. Just a thought.
Great thanks for the thoughts. I am getting on in years and simply want to ride bolt upright. The update bars is a good idea, though I don't know what `drag bars' are.
Amazon.com: Black Drag Bar Handlebar 7/8" Yamaha Banshee Trx 250R: Automotive

That is the drag bar. This is going to put you a bit more forward over the front though. NOT ideal if you are looking for a more upright position.
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