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I'm selling my ERMAX seat cover for the FZ-07. It is painted in black and white (matching factory colors).
I've got a new Corbin seat and don't need the seat cover any more. It's been used for 3 months and has been used mostly on weekends, otherwise it is garaged. Basically it looks like new. It cost you new about $165 plus shipping and wait time for painting..... NOW you can have mine for $120.- including shipping to in the continental US.

Let me know if interested, I'm in Northern Cal, so if you are local you can also pick it up.....

FZ-07 with Ermax black / white seat cover:
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car

Ermax black / white seat cover:
Automotive exterior Auto part

Ermax seat cover back side:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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