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ya hi...

My gray FZ-07 will be here in about a months time.
Had a well sorted FZ-09 for about 5500km and sold it on. Felt the need for speed so I bought a used 2001 FZ1, and now the FZ-07 is here...
oh, and I have my trusty Super Tenere XT1200 that will never leave my garage, unless it's for another Super Tenere

On the goody list are:
-matris drop in cartridge kit
-Zard full system pipe
-HID 55W 4500 lumen kit
-Various electrical bits (free shit kicking around the garage) heated grips ,will have to pay for those
stiebel air horn to ward off retards, gps wiring etc.etc..
-Possible rear shock swap with moar free stuff kicking around
-retro fit my old MRA fz-09 Screen (see free shit above)
-luggage of some sort..eventually maybe the sw motech rear rack

I'll post up a blog once the bike shows, and stuff starts going on it.
I blog once in a while, as I have something to talk about, check it out if you're bored: thetenerist.wordpress.com

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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