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Sourcing parts for a winter rebuild

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I'll pick up an MT-07 in 2-3 weeks and want to pre order some parts but I'm struggling to source them, and not having the bike in front of me to measure etc makes it harder. I'm wondering where you all get yours parts from? I'm in the UK.

I'm looking to add:
Round 5" headlight, black. What is the connector type in the standard unit and is it standard wiring or something complex?

Fork gaiters - anyone tried adding these?

Does the rear hoop unbolt as per the XSR? If so does anyone know where I can order a new shorter seat?

Smaller indicators - I hear the R1 units fit on, anyone else recommend any? I'm liking for small LED units and I'm happy to wire.

Tail tidy, will get Evotech as usual.

Rad gaurd, also Evotech.

Bar end mirror (right side only) will replace stock units.

I'll replace the bars with some lower/flatter ones. Not sure if I need 1" or less?

Full Akro going on of course.

So yeah, any help appreciated. Lots to do, lots of fun to come. :)
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