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I am new to the forum and just purchased my 2015 FZ used about two weeks ago. Have two issues that I was wondering if anyone could help me resolve???

1. Bike stalls out (mostly when cold) at traffic lights.. Its usually in neutral with the clutch engaged, when I go to pull on the throttle a bit to rev the engine the RPMs drop and the bike just shutters and stalls out... But the bike starts right back up with no problem. I live in LA and do a lot of city driving on the bike so this issue can become dangerous with all the traffic we experience here. Any thought? Seems to be a issue with this bike from what I have read???

2. Not sure if this is a safety feature or not, but the bike wont start at all unless its in neutral with the clutch engaged.... When its in gear and the clutch is fully engaged and I hit the starter switch nothing happens... This problem also ties in with the above problem... If the bike stalls and its in gear you cant start it??? Do I really have to get to neutral every time to start the bike up, or is their an issue with maybe the clutch switch???

LOVING this bike, probably the most fun bikes I've ever owned.... But these two issues are driving me crazy, hoping someone on here can help guide me in the right direction so I can get them resolved. Please HELP!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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