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Stock Tires on the FZ07

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I know that the FZ09 came with a couple different tires depending on delivery date. What is the FZ07 supposed to ship with?

I want to say that I read somewhere that it was the Bridgestone Battlax.
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Seems that I read that they would ship with the BT023's. I will check with the boss and see what she wants on the bike, but I'm thinking that I'll probably talk her into the Michelin Supersports....all around good tire for street and the mountains.
Hi Karen.....and welcome to the forum. Which Michelin tires did it come with....the Pilot Road III or Pilot Road IV?
Thanks for the quick response. I like Michelins!
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mine came with Michelin tires too.
Mine came with Battlax tires. These are the same tires that came on my Gixxer 1000 and those lasted 7600 miles and it seemed like they were good tires. I will probably replace them with Michelin Pilot Power 3s when they wear out.
I just got to put 300 miles on my new Pilot Power III (rear) on the FZ09 on Tuesday. Once I got it scuffed up a bit, it sticks pretty well for a street tire. I'm running 30 psi cold pressure in it.
That pressure seems a little low, but you must be riding on the track. I think for street riding the recommended pressure is 42 lbs. for the rear. For my 07, recommended pressure for the rear is 36 lbs. for the street.
You don't EVER want to go by the tire pressures that is in the manual or on the sticker on the bike, unless you are riding the bike at the full rated load capacity. That pressure that I posted is for street riding, not the track. My concern is always the ability of the tire to stick well in the corners and I don't worry about mileage. It just depends on how a person uses the bike and what type of riding you do primarily. Most of my riding is done in the mountains on twisty roads where a tire sticking in a corner is of the utmost importance.
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you ride with both tires at 30psi? what should the 07 have in them with a 200lbs. rider? also what about the back shock be set to?
I'm right at 193 to 195 lbs and will usually have approx. 15 to 18 lbs of riding gear on....leather suit, helmet, gloves, boots, etc and pretty much run 30/30 in most of the tires that I ride on the street bikes. A couple of exceptions are my ST1300 that I run the Pilot Road III front and rear. That one is usually right at 41 to 42 psi cold, ...BUT, that bike is rode two up about 99% of the time, with a top box and loaded side bags, so it's approaching a close to capacity load. The other exception is my track bike. I don't have a lot of experience with a lot of different tires brands, but I've got a ton of experience with most of the Michelin products...from the full blown race tires (Power Cup Competition) to the Pilot Road III, and somewhere around 30 psi cold pressure will work pretty well to make a tire stick on the street. As I said, I don't commute or spend a lot of time on the highways....most of my riding is done in the mountains, so stickiness is my most urgent concern. As far as the rear shock goes, try to get your rear loaded sag set somewhere in the 35 to 38mm range, that should be a good start for you.
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Mine also came with the Michelin Pilot Road 3's. Are these good tires?
The Pilot Road III's are a great sport touring tire and are especially good in the rain. I do neither on the FZ09 and so they are not the tire for me on this bike. Like I said in the previous post, I'm looking for "sticky" above all else. The Road III's are a very good tire though and depending on your application and riding style, they will be a great tire.
I was riding with 30 psi front and back for a month now I feel its to soft. tonight I put the front at 32 psi and back 34 psi ill test it out later this week.
im not sure if its my weight but im 205 lbs then gear i got to be 215-220 lbs. what is everyone else running there tires at.
I think I like it with a little more air in it then 30psi
30 sounds awful low to me, but it is all about personal preference.
Keep in mind guys....I'm talkin 30psi cold pressure on the PILOT POWER IIIs....not the PILOT ROAD 3s. Hope this clears things up a bit.
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