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Since we have an official "pre-order" thread.. I figured we needed an official "it's here!" thread...

Who will be the first owner to confirm his ownership?!

Once you get your beast, post in here and join the list!

If you have your FZ07 and want to be on the list... post in here and send me a PM with the link so I can verify it. A picture of you with the FZ07 would be great. Honor System.

1. Karen J in Pelham
2. AJ Nin
3. nick
4. jonboy99
5. micktalian
6. Walt Schmidt
7. CP2
8. Kahold Cheung
10. doublethreat's wife Peggy
11. Jerry
12. FZ-07kid
13. Texan1948
14. Jason
15. Stefano225
16 Kev1360
17. HaleyMorganVII
18. John
19. USMCFieldMP
20 FZ074Me
21 usmotox
22. Cameron Turner
23. pgeldz
24. Shane Pruett
25. LuckyLuke

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Just add me to the list, my dealer called me today and told me my Rapid Rojo is in (a week ahead of scheduled delivery, but I won't be able to pick it up till Saturday because of my schedule. I'm patient, but it's going to be on my mind the whole week. Will post up picks that the lady text to me with it still in its cage waiting to be unleashed.

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Locally the Yamaha dealers only have them for a few hours/days before they fly out the door to new owners. My bike stops people asking "what kind of bike is that, I have never seen that before". It seemed as though we were doing a press push all thru Georgia and Alabama this weekend. My husband just bought the Super Tenere so people were inquiring about both of our bikes. What fun!!

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Well........finally! Peggy and I drove to Roswell, GA today (Sat. July 19th) to pick up her new FZ07. The dealership was approx. 150 miles away, but a good friend of mine is the Finance Manager and Sales Manager there, so we wanted to give him the business instead of someone else. So, without further ado......here's the pics from today.....

Peggy and James, our friend from the dealership and her salesman....

And the obligatory picture of her and I.......

So we got home this afternoon and I put the bike up on some stands and pulled the front and rear wheels off and removed the Michelin Pilot Road III's and mounted and balanced a set of the Michelin Pilot Power III's and put the wheels back on the bike. It is now ready for break in, which starts tomorrow, weather permitting.
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