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Throttle Lock.

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So I ordered a NEP dual cable throttle lock today to see if I could make it work on my 07.
I've had them on two other bikes. One was a factory fit, the other took some creative engineering. But in the end they both worked great, and I miss a throttle lock on my 07.
Anyone else put a throttle lock on yet?
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I put one on my FZ09, should be a very similar install on the FZ07.
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So, how was the install? You happy with it?
Yes, it works as expected. The thing you always have to remember about throttle locks (I'm sure you know this, but there may be others that don't) is that they are just that........a throttle lock. They have absolutely NO ability to be a cruise control type device and mostly are used for straight roads that are somewhat flat, and/or to set for a minute or two to give your right hand a break.
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