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would you keep your 07 or trade up to a 2015 fz-09

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trade up for the 2015 fz-09 ?

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well I had the fz-07 for a year now, when I went to my dealer he had a new fz-09 sitiing next to a 07, boy the new 09 was looking good. the seat was taller and thicker then the 07. the bars were wider on the 09 and felt a little better. next time im there im going to ask what it would cost me to trade up to the 09.

what's your opinion on the 07 vs the 2015 fz-09 and if any ride the new 09 please let me know
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The FZ09 gets mixed reviews. People love the engine but the suspension is terrible and the throttle is like an annoying on off switch. The FZ07 has none of those problems.

I guess you need to decide how much that extra hp is worth it to you.
We have both at our house. I own a 2014 FZ09, and my wife has the FZ07. I spent the first 600 miles on her bike doing the engine break in for her. The 07 is a great bike, very light weight and lots of "grunt" for a 700cc bike. The suspension is non adjustable, as you all probably know, but it works very well for her, since she is only about 120 lbs.

The FZ09, when it first came out, had what many folks consider a very twitchy throttle.....kind of like the previous poster stated, on/off.......nothing in between when you were below approx. 4500 RPMs. Yamaha issued a re-flash for the 2014 models that the dealer will do for free, and of course the 2015's came with the updated mapping already there. Suspension continues to be an issue for some/many FZ09 owners.......it's soft and basically not very adjustable. Suspension fixes are fairly simple though and it's always easier/less expensive, to upgrade suspension that to buy a bike with great suspension and the motor is lacking. The two bikes, even though they are similar in looks, are worlds apart in engine performance. The FZ09 has a monster motor and seriously, I would not recommend the bike to a fairly new rider.
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I rode both bikes about an hour apart from each other and picked the FZ-07.
I could have bought either one, but the FZ-07 was simply more fun.
what about comfort, the 07 seat if I ride over 40 minutes it hurts me. I sat on the 09 it felt much better?
I ride with all Harley guys and a can am 3 wheeler and they can ride a long ways without stopping. I just bought a Yamaha comfort seat 2 minutes ago hoping this will help.
I want more power since im 6' and 210lbs. and kind of getting board with her. I've rode many years but never a road bike but I got 1600 mile on it now.
Motorcycles, and what one is best for YOU, is a subjective thing (it's a personal decision that others may not agree with).
I have no problem with the seat or the power output of the bike.
I can ride my FZ-07 until plain ol' fatigue sets in and I simply need to rest and get food and drink.
I love it's combination of light weight, light feel, handling ease, narrow feel, and excellent power delivery.

Only you can decide if the FZ-07 is worth keeping for what a motorcycle should be.
So, my advice is:
If the grass is greener...
After spending time on both, my opinion is that the factory seat on the FZ07 is MUCH better than the stock seat on the FZ09, but getting a more comfortable seat is a fairly inexpensive item in the scheme of things.
comfort seat deal on ebay fell through. guy decided to keep it after I bought it, im pissed.
I think the 07 just looks sexier. I'm not a big fan if the 09's rear end. That's just my honest opinion. ;)
Had my ECU re-flashed on my 07 because IMO the engine braking was horrible. Did the full Andreani front/Ohlins rear, once again IMO the 07 is lacking. Been looking at the FZ09 for the last couple of weeks.
The 09 is definitely quicker and faster, which anyone would expect. It feels better planted when running on undulating surfaces and the suspension is adjustable. Heavier riders complain about the suspension but most lighter riders think it's OK. I thought the seat on my 07 was better than the stock seat on my 09 and I plan on changing the old seat out. As far as speed goes, both will break any speed limit in the U.S. so that isn't a big deal. The 09 weighs about 18 lbs. more which isn't very much, tires are the same on both bikes. The 2016 09 has perfect fueling so that has been corrected by Yamaha. I think the 09 could use a larger tank because it drinks fuel at a rate of about 45 MPG and the tank is about the same as the FZ07 so range is a little shorter. I don't think either bike is meant to have a passenger and wouldn't buy either if I rode 2-up. Both bikes are good deals and no other manufacturer that I know of can do as well as Yamaha has with this pair. Not perfect, but damned good if you're on a budget.
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