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Trouble with my fz07... NOOOO

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My bike is shutting off on me in low gears I was wondering what it was so I figured it was the recall. I got my recal fixed about 3 weeks ago, as I was riding I realized the problem was not fixed. I could only start my bike in neutral, which I should be able to start in any gear. So I took it in today turns out my clutch was not activating correctly, the plug was out of the clutch areas on the bike, since I'm new to riding and I dont know much about bikes I hope everything gets fixed properly. Yamaha is covering everything of course as they should, nevertheless I love riding this bike and I can't wait to get it back. I live in the LA area and got my bike from Simi Valley cycles, there great people they will take care of the problem I'm sure.
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Yikes, good luck! I've heard of other FZ's having the same problem, so hopefully they already know how to properly fix it.
Your description of the problem(s) are a little vague, but it seems to me a possibility that the clutch switch was not actuating properly (clutch must be pulled in to start the bike in gear) and if the clutch lever adjustment wasn't set correctly, that could cause the not starting in gear to take place. Also, if not adjusted correctly, as in not disengaging the clutch when pulled in, maybe the bike was dying because as you were slowing down to a stop the clutch was still somewhat engaged ......sort of like trying to stop the bike in gear, without pulling in the clutch.
I had the same problem with only starting in neutral. Underneath your clutch is a plug that the dealer never plugged in when setting it up. I was putting a phone holder on my bike when I noticed the plug not plugged in. When I plugged it in the problem went away.
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My bike will only start in neutral also. And when I come to a stop with the clutch pulled all the way in it will sometimes stall. I'm going to take a look at that plug in and see if that is the issue with mine also.
That was the exact problem with mine. Since I plugged that in I have not had a problem, GREAT BIKE and by the way guys, if you download an APP called wish. they have bike parts really cheap i got led lights 12$ for 4 lights. I got cluth and break levers for 10 bucks and grips for 5. Ill post picks when installed
Glad to hear you got it fixed! What's the WISH app? Got a link?
That was unplugged. I plugged it in and it still will not start in gear. Guess I'm going to have to take it back to the dealer.
yes take it to your dealer. and if you have a smartphone like android of iphone. download Wish. its a blue logo white W. and look up bike parts

https://www.wish.com/ i dont know if the parts are legit but their cheap. Ill let you know once i get them and install
Hey... Glad I saw this tread! Mine didn't start in gear either, and I thought is was by design. I went out this morning and lo and behold, an unplugged connector under the clutch. Plugged it in, and now it starts in gear (side stand still needs to be up).
I didn't try it with the side stand up. Will try that after work. And I ordered some gloves and a set of 4 led blinkers off the wish app. Will post a follow up when they arrive.
The bike will NOT start/run in gear if you have the sidestand down. That is a built feature from the factory.
Correct. Starts in gear now. Hopefully that will take care of the stalling. Now just waiting for the snow to be gone here in Michigan. Have seen a few die hards out on their bikes but I can't imagine the salt all over my bike.
Great thread guys, I googled my issue and it came right to this thread with the answer right there. I never saw that plug hanging down but I did read the manual and knew I was supposed to be able to start it in gear so this thread helped me find the answer!!!
Great news!. I'm glad I found this post! I just found out yesterday that mine wouldn't start in gear either.
Another thing that happened was the bike would just die when waiting at the light. It's done that several times. So I'll take it back and make
them fix it. Even if it something I can do I want them to see it.
Buckaroo, do you think the problem with the bike dying is related to the clutch switch?

Mine died once when I was letting out the clutch. I probably just let it out too fast without enough gas but it didn't seem like it at the time. I was real concerned for a second there because I saw the oil light on and thought that's why the bike cut off but it's normal to be on when the bike is not running. Haven't had a problem since and I was brand new to the bike at the time so it was probably my error.
Yes, I believe this has something with the clutch. It just died and the oil light was on.I didnt kill it. Since this has happened to both of us and we both had issues with the clutch. I'm not going to plug mine back but take it to the dealer and show them this thread.
OK, but I'm not so sure. I believe the circuit only keeps the starter motor from working not the engine from running. When my bike died I was letting out the clutch to get going. If you were just waiting at the light and not doing anything then I think your problem might be another issue.
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