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That bulky rear fender was really irking me so after some research and looking around I decided to try out TST Industry's parts.

Got their smoked integrated tail-light, fender eliminator kit, and blinker relay...and so far I'm super happy with all of them.
In addition I got Mini LED license plate bolts (link here) for a smidge over $10 shipped.

Their installation vids were very helpful, build quality was top notch (which floored me considering how comparatively inexpensive their prices are), and everything fits snug and looks clean. You have multiple options to pulse the brake, make the turn signals sweep or just blink, etc. It's nice and bright through the smoked housing, and shipping was very fast.
Even if you're running other lights the relay isn't that expensive, plugs right in, and is adjustable. Definitely worth circumventing the hassle that is putting in resistors on everything.
Some pics...

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