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Been on the bike since I picked it up two weeks ago. Love it.

I am having an issue when I shift up from 3-4 4-5 5-6. Up to 3rd, no problem. Going into 4th and above I have to move my foot a lot higher and with more force than usual. It usually takes two-to-four tries before it goes into gear. Something is not right. I adjusted the shift lever position, and no change. Downshifting, no problem.

I have booked an appointment with the dealership, and will report back.

Anyone have this?
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How often does it happen? Everytime you shift up?
From 3rd to 6th. Every shift. Never downshifting. Never 1st to 3rd.
Phoned the dealer to speak about something else. I mentioned the shifting issue too, and he said to bring the bike in as soon as I could. I'll try for tomorrow and report back.
Say the dealer yesterday PM. He took the bike out for a spin. He found no problem. He did suggest that I put some upward pressure on the shift lever, then shift. I had done that on other bikes, and it worked on the FZ as well.

He also said to switch to a different pair of boots. The bought the AGV's I was wearing used before I had the bike, so had not used them on a ride until the FZ. They were my first set of racing boots, and are likely too stiff and differently-shaped than what I am used to. I'm going out later today to try my previous boots that are more street or cruiser style, and have sued them for a couple of years with no problems.

I went to the AGV's because I wanted more ankle and shin protection when I was riding. My usual boots fit nicely, but had no armor or reinforced toe, heel, ankle.

I have seen the "shorty" street boots/shoes around. Do they offer much protection/armor, or is a full boot the way to go? Opinions?
My pet peeve. How is the riding position for you? I find that I slide forward when riding and this tilts my left foot downwards, make gear changes difficult. I don't think it's the box, I think its the terrible seating. I am about to hand make a new seat as I can't take it any more and I'm not shelling out Cdn $500 for a Corbin with no guarantee of success.
The above won't fix the problem I suppose, but hopefully it helps. Let me know.
I slide forward as well and in fact will be picking up some tank pads to help. I swapped out the stock bars for a drag bar which helped put some more weight over the front, but the rear sets aren't positioned as well for a more aggressive ride position. I will likely be swapping these at some point to iron out the issues I have with he ergonomics. Mostly my issues are with how far forward the rear sets sit especially in tuck on the freeway (which is sort of required due to wind). Interested in your custom seat though... especially since I have been looking for a stunt seat for the pillion.
I think you have nailed it. I am going to make a seat that is flatter, wider and higher with a slight ridge around the back. I found a seat maker who will allow me to experiment with various foam configurations until I am happy.
Bars will be next. Higher. Then we will see about the control positioning.
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