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Very upset, got in a wreck :(

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Hey guys I took a spill 2 weeks ago (swerved on a curve to avoid a bigger wreck and took out a 4x4 mailbox with my hip and broke my pelvis) and need some info on fixing up the poor bike since I am going to make a full recovery. The gear shift rod and selector got bent and unusable. Does anyone know of where I can purchase one to fix it or will I have to go through my dealer? Besides the gear changing mechanism everything else wrong with the bike is cosmetic which is good and probably keeping the repairs below $500.

As for myself I broke my pelvis on the right side about my hip socket. While it is painful it is not load baring at all so in a total of 6-8 weeks I will be fully recovered. I was wearing my helmet, gloves, thick hoodie, and J. Crew Jeans (I had to put the name to the jeans, I slid for a bit after i blew up the mailbox with my hip and the jeans did not rip at all and I suffered no other injuries or road rash which is amazing).

This is really really disappointing as the bike is something that I have saved for a long time for and was something I was beginning to truly love and I do not think my family and girlfriend will accept anything but me selling the bike now :( I am looking to part it out over the winter to fix up the cosmetic stuff but really would like to get the Gear shift selector and rod done soon so when I am healed I can at least puts around my neighborhood and make sure it rides fine.

Thanks Pals!
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did you learn a lesson? slow it down kid. hope your feeling better champ.
Lesson learned was I shouldnt have been on the road that I was on. I was actually going 5mph under the speed limit into the turn :p Just was not an experienced enough rider.

Any news on and gear shift rods or selectors? Will the quick shift option work or just wait until next season for Yamaha to make the parts more easily available?

Once again so mad at myself and disappointed, but fortunate I will recover 100%. Already on a cane and its only been a week and half!
you sure you cant bend it back send a photo of it when you feel better.
Man that sucks...probably wouldn't have happened if you had a windscreen, right Nick? Ha, I'm just playin. I'm sorry to hear all that and hope you have a swift recovery. I hope you don't give up the bike or let the fam bully you into it.
I think your best bet would be to try and find parts on the European market for the MT-07. You'll pay a penny for shipping, but that might be your fastest option. From my understanding the bikes are completly identical. Otherwise get a hold of your dealer and get some part quotes. Make sure you at least get part #s and then google to see what you can find. Keep your eye on eBay, for bikes being parted out. Good luck man.
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yes my windscreen has a air bag, your such a jacka$$ lol
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I have some pictures, dont have a link to post them into here since my facebook wont attach the photos, but the selector cant be bent back into place, ended up finding a site for direct purchase looking at only $75+ shipping to get the parts
Go for it man. Could be worse. That actually sounds pretty reasonable. Do they have everything you need? Share the site and let us check it out.
That is the site, came to $95, ended up just needing the gear selector since my rod wasnt bent at all, and order a new right rear view mirror since my mirror in mine cracked in half. Next step will be replacing the cosmetic stuff with the side paneling which all 4 pieces were roughly $35 a pop. So looking at maybe another $150 to get the bike looking brand new again which is alot cheaper then it was to get myself brand new again :p

If I do opt to ride again (which I really do want to) I will be purchasing full gear and not riding until I have all of it. Though after looking at my helmet I have to admit that it saved me a major concussion if not worse so everyone I urge you at least wear helmet and gloves as they saved me!
Definitely get yourself some gear. I don't know how some of these people do it with just shorts, sneakers, and a tank top. Makes me cringe every time I see it. Glad you're getting your bike back together and hope you ride again. Thanks for the link and good luck!
Let me know if you want to sell bike as salvage - I am looking for a wrecked bike for a project
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