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Out for a ride with my Wife. Doing about 95KPH. Something hit my neck, right between my full-face helmet and jacket collar. OUCH! I immediately felt a sting just to the right of my Adam's Apple. I brushed at my neck to get rid of the bug. I never did see it. When we stopped my Wife checked the area, and there was no mark. It hurt all night and into this afternoon. Now it is itchy and a bit red. I have been having more and more reaction to stings over the past few years. I was afraid this would swell up, but it did not. I'll be getting an Epi-pen when we see our Doctor at the end of the month. I will start carrying it with me on rides, just to be safe.
I read that some people only react badly to either a Wasp, Bee, or Hornet sting, so maybe this was one of the three that I do not have a particularly bad reaction to (the last time I was stung while camping, my arm swelled up). We get hit by bugs a lot while riding. Usually our jacket or helmet take the hit. This bug found the one-inch strip of exposed skin on my body. Bandana for the neck?
Anyone else have this experience?
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