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So I pretty much just bought an fz07, I've got about 370 miles on it.
At around 100 miles I started to hear a weird rattling noise but it was very minimal so I did not really think that much of it. It got worse by time so I thought it might be the chain, I checked it for slack and there was plenty of it so I tightened the chain. Fixed it maybe a little but it was still there. So I checked online to find a solution and there is a similar post on this forum that suggests that it maybe a loose washer on the shifter mechanism: the instruction was to grease it up. Did that but now the sound is worse than ever. Also I have been frequently lubing my chain using Motul C4.
Have any of you experienced anything similar to my situation? if so how did you fix it? If not could you suggest a solution? :D

Need all the help in the world :)
Thank you
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