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So I just got a new rear tire after the stock battlelax tire was worn down.
I got the standard tire for my Yamaha dealer it was continental I believe (the cheaper one)
Ever since then. My bike has been making a strange noise when accelerating. Almost like a whine/ rubbing kinda sound coming from the chain side I checked the chain slack it’s right the alignment is also right the only thing I haven’t checked was the axle nut tightness. And when I gear down from 5th gear my rear tire is making a squeak noise like it’s loosing traction for a second I guess that’s the wheel catching the lower gear. It never did that with the stock tires. The noise gets really prominent when in lower rpms in 5th and 6th gear and it only makes the noise when giving it throttle. I can’t think of what the noise could be but it’s starting to worry me
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