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I have had my FZ for almost a month now and am loving it. I saved up and sold one of my trucks to be able to buy it outright (I don't finance toys). I was going to get white but I really like the burple frame and wheels so I decided to get liquid graphite and put white plastics on it. The day I went to the dealership they did not have any of the colors in but the guy said they where supposed to be getting a liquid graphite in soon and I could put a down payment on it if I wanted. While he was running numbers for me the manager came up and said that the bike had come in that morning and he had just told the guys in the back to start putting it together. So we went ahead and bought it and went home to call the insurance company and get my riding gear. When we got back to the dealership it was sitting outside. This was the first time I had seen the liquid graphite in person and my wife and I where both surprised at how good it looked in person compared to the pictures. I am now thinking about leaving it the color that it is because it is really growing on me.

First mod I am planning is shorty levers because I hate the stock clutch lever.
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