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So I got my bankruptcy discharged over 4 years ago, and they never took the bike. They will not release the lien even after 3 years, so my only options are to keep riding it, part it out or scrap it. I looked online, and apparently it is pretty common with bikes.

Its currently registered in my name and I was riding it almost daily until I bought my WR250R a few weeks ago, and want to see if I can get a couple grand to buy my wife a TW200 as she wants to get into the hobby.

Would anyone be interested in parts? It is a 2016 with the blurple/gray. Has almost 20k miles on the motor, runs perfect and almost all the parts are in excellent shape other than the two scraped up black side fenders from dropping it lightly.

It is bone stock, only have a cheap ebay muffler welded onto the stock pipe.

Like I said, it I can get 2000 total between all the parts that would be cool. If not, I will have to keep riding it ahaha
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